Why have lessons?

Everything we do can benefit or harm us, depending on how we use ourselves to do it.  Good use prevents injury and enhances performance in all skills whether we are sitting at a computer, playing a violin, singing, giving speeches or running marathons. Self-inflicted injuries such as inflamed back, neck, or knees, damaged hip joint, frozen shoulder, sore wrists, poor breathing, flat feet, constipation, undoubtedly benefit, and may even be wholly cured from improving overall use of the body. Together with verbal instruction the teacher puts her hands on the pupil’s musculature to guide her towards a more comfortable postural experience.  The apparently ‘simple’ act of standing up and sitting down is repeated in each lesson, gradually revealing wrong habits of use that prevent a natural poise.  As it is the most complex movement a human makes in everyday life, it is used as a template for application to all activities.  

Who is it for?

Everybody can benefit from learning good use of the self.  However, there are many diseases and afflictions that require medical attention either solely or in addition to improved co-ordination.  Alexander Technique teachers therefore advise a check with your doctor where damage or disease are evident. Obviously the best time to apply the principles of good use would be during childhood.  However, this remains problematic while school seating promotes poor postures. The human body has remarkable plasticity, and is responsive to the invitation to return to its intrinsic natural structure at any age.  


All members of Alexander Technique Education Inc. have completed a 3-year training course run by experienced Trainers in the W H M Carrington method of the Alexander Technique.  

Health Funds

Members of Alexander Technique Education Inc.teach rather than treat.  We therefore aim to keep our fees below the rate that would yield benefit from Health Fund rebate.  

How long will it take?

How quickly you learn to make changes in your use is similar to any other learning process undertaken.  Individual teachers may favour particular learning programmes.  Or they may prefer to recommend according to the individual pupil’s need.  We advise that you consider establishing enough new thinking and awareness to enable you to practise some elementary procedures reliably between lessons.  When you feel confident, continuing on a weekly basis for some months would be the way to independence.  

How much will it cost?

Fees may vary according to experience or overhead costs.  Some are advertised on the individual teacher’s listing.  Normal rates are between $25 and $70 per hour or half-hour lesson.  

Training to become an Alexander Technique teacher

Training is conducted under the guidance of ATE Trainers who have at least 20 years’ teaching experience.  Applicants are expected to have had some experience of the Technique before being considered for training.