Awards for Chairs

WIGGLESIDE CHAIR  - “innovative, playful and surprising….”  demonstrates that even an architect of Frank Gehry’s stature fails to employ a sense of human proportion in the realm of furniture. Each of the...

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Enlightenment is not some special state of mind

The state you are in when you have 'right posture' is itself Enlightenment. These are the words of Suzuki Roshi, the foremost interpreter of Zen for the West, speaking to a group of close students some 25 years ago.. Clearly Suzuki Roshi is not referring to some mechanically correct body position when he speaks of 'posture'. He is act...

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"It's not the LIFTING, it's the LEANING", said Anne Lenert RN. At that time she comprised twenty years' worth of forcibly retired nursing skills. She said, "Lifting is a consciously-planned operation into which much thought and experience has been put. But leaning over beds is what you do all day long. It damaged my back, wore it out." She was told she would never be fit to return to work. But ...

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or "Could you show me how to Bend?"

This request can never be satisfactorily addressed in a direct way. Feeling that you do not know how to bend means that reaching downward has become painful or at best uncomfortable or difficult f...

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A discourse on the practice of wearing orthotic insoles in shoes as a means of remedying poor posture

Putting remedial arch supports in children’s shoes as a means of correcting common postural defects, such as flat feet or hyper-extended knees, is both inappropriate and harmful. The inserts appear to be effective; but meaningful orthosis is not achieved, a...

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how I conquered gravity and stood up

It was a bit of a shock being born.  Upon ejection from my uterine pond I found myself heavy as lead.  Astronauts know what I’m talking about.  On their return to earth, where the lack of gravity in space renders them weightless as fish suspended in water, it takes weeks for them to regain their pre-travel muscle stre...

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We do a lot of it. We generally do it very badly, as is evidenced by the growing lists of damaged parts we develop through sitting for long periods. Nor is it entirely due to our increased longevity that these lists are lengthening. Complainants of neck pain and sore knees include an increasing-number of children – some as young as three years.

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